Dermot O’Byrne [1883–1953]

a nom de plume of Sir Arnold Bax

Our Bax portfolio is a growing collection of first editions from this 20th Century master. To date, these have all been mature works that have, for various reasons, previously evaded publication. Projected editions include Three Songs from the Norse (1927) and Violin Sonata no 4, which Bax subsequently recast for Nonet.

For information about Sir Arnold Bax, visit The Sir Arnold Bax Website or the Bax page on Wikipedia.


  ComposerWorkGradeVocal rangeDurationPublishedPrice
FM194Sir Arnold BaxDance in the Sun
arranged for solo piano
8 to Advanced (post-Grade 8)7¼ mins7th November 2015£9.50
Forces: Piano
FM007Sir Arnold BaxFour Pieces
for piano
Edited by Richard Hallas
Forces: Piano
FM006Sir Arnold BaxIn the NightSound
for piano
6¾ mins1995£7.45
Edited by Richard Hallas
Forces: Piano
FM005Sir Arnold BaxLegendSound
(Legends no 1)
for piano
8 mins1995£8.45
Edited by Richard Hallas
Forces: Piano
FM182Sir Arnold BaxNympholeptVideo
for piano
Advanced (post-Grade 8)11 mins12th October 2013£10.50
Forces: Piano
FM197Sir Arnold BaxPensive Twilight
arranged for solo piano
87 mins4th March 2016£8.50
Forces: Piano
FM196Sir Arnold BaxScherzo
for Piano
8 to Advanced (post-Grade 8)10 mins31st December 2015£10.50
Forces: Piano
FM158Sir Arnold BaxSonata in B flat
‘Salzburg Sonata’
for piano
Forces: Piano
FM157Sir Arnold BaxThe Fand Grade 5 Piano Album
A selection of pieces to Grade 5 standard
Forces: Piano
FM185Sir Arnold BaxThe Happy Forest
for piano
Advanced (post-Grade 8)10 mins22nd March 2014£10.50
Forces: Piano
FM173Sir Arnold BaxWelcome, Somer
for soprano or tenor and piano
F to G♯'2¼ mins13th November 2011£5.50
Words: Geoffrey Chaucer
Forces: Soprano, Tenor, Piano


  AttributionWorkVocal rangeDurationPublishedPrice
FM167 Traditional French
arr. Sir Arnold Bax
A Rabelaisian Catechism
La foi d’la loi (‘The creed of authority’)
for baritone and piano
,B to C♯'7 minsAugust 2010£9.95
Words: Trad French (Bassac, Charente) • Translated by Graham Parlett
Forces: Baritone, Piano


FM091Dermot O’ByrneIDEALA
Love Letters and Poems of Arnold Bax
ISBN 0-9535125-3-3
September 2001£55.00
Edited by Colin Scott-Sutherland