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Works by Schumann, Sullivan, Ireland, Thompson, Bowen, Bridge and Debussy

Various composers


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Williams’s playing is essentially English – unfussy, no unnecessary emphases, but full of conviction … The playing throughout is clear and finely articulated – but loses none of the poetry.
Colin Scott-Sutherland, MusicWeb International
This unpretentious recital of ‘Pictures in Sound’ is an intriguing variety of beautifully played pieces…
Colin Scott-Sutherland, MusicWeb International

The music composed by Peter Thompson on this CD has been made available, with suitable accompanying imagery, as a set of videos on YouTube, as presented below:

Marc Chagall Suite (CD tracks 1–5 in a playlist)

Bolinge Hill (CD track 23)

  Composer Title Performer(s) Total duration
VariousPiano Pictures
Works by Schumann, Sullivan, Ireland, Thompson, Bowen, Bridge and Debussy
Oliver Williams, Piano01:07:50
# Composers Work Movement Performer(s) Duration
1Peter ThompsonSuite no 3 (Marc Chagall Suite)   I: The Blue CircusOliver Williams, Piano00:01:13
2  II: At the Barber’s00:01:47
3 III: Loneliness00:01:55
4  IV: Above the Town00:00:55
5   V: Spring00:01:19
6York BowenThe Way to Polden00:03:13
7Sir Arthur SullivanElle et Lui00:02:37
8A l’Hongroise00:02:03
10Robert SchumannPapillonsIntroduzione: Moderato – No 100:00:56
11No 2: Prestissimo00:00:17
12No 300:00:48
13No 4: Presto00:00:48
14No 500:01:04
15No 600:00:57
16No 7: Semplice00:00:34
17No 800:01:14
18No 9: Prestissimo00:00:46
19No 10: Vivo – Più lento00:01:48
20No 1100:02:35
21No 12: Finale00:02:00
22Claude DebussyReflets dans l’Eau00:05:31
23Peter ThompsonBolinge Hill00:05:30
24Frank BridgeThree Sketches   I: April00:02:24
25  II: Rosemary00:03:34
26 III: Valse capriceuse00:01:35
27John IrelandSarnia   I: Le Catioroc00:06:25
28  II: In a May Morning00:05:16
29 III: Song of the Springtides00:06:42

Catalogue code: FAND101Published: 1996
Entry last updated: 26th April 2014