Cyprus Quartet

(String Quartet)

(score and parts)

Nigel Benson


…evocative work…
ISM Journal
…an imaginative and enormously effective piece…
Musical Opinion
  Composer Title Forces
Nigel BensonCyprus Quartet
(String Quartet)
(score and parts)
Two Violins, Viola, ’Cello
# Composer Movement Forces
1Nigel Benson   I: Introduction – The QuestioningTwo Violins, Viola, ’Cello
2  II: The Cypriot Bells: I – The English Bells – Tension – Violence I
3 III: Pater Noster – The Cypriot Bells: II – Violence II – Anguish: Reaction I – The Long Tutti – The Long Tutti: Reaction II
4  IV: Psalm 114

Catalogue code: FM025Published: 1999
Entry last updated: 22nd July 2010