Snow Never Fell On His Grave

for orchestra

Martin Read

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In 1830, demands for a living wage by farm workers in Hampshire led to an agricultural revolt. During this period, a local Justice of the Peace ordered a group of labourers to disperse. Getting down from his horse, the JP collared their leader and, during the ensuing disturbance, his hat was knocked off. As a result, a 19-year-old labourer was charged with attempted murder, tried, found guilty and hanged. Legend has it that snow never remains on the site of his grave.

Composer Title Forces Total duration
Martin ReadSnow Never Fell On His Grave
for orchestra
Orchestra13½ mins
Composer Movement Forces Duration
Martin ReadStruggle – March – Conflict – Requiem – Dance – CodaOrchestra13½ mins
Recorded performance

Hampshire County Youth Orchestra

Catalogue code: FM069
Entry last updated: 29th May 2011