The Riddle of Schoenberg

An Open Letter

ISBN 0-9535125-0-9

Barry Armstrong


The Riddle of Schoenberg

The foremost musical riddle of the last hundred years is here solved completely.
Why, at the turn of the twentieth century, did one man apparently arrest the musical thought of the world?
Why did he fool so many of the people for so much of the time?
Was he an outsider, the odd man out, ignored by passing musical history, extruding dictatorial ‘bulls’, heedlessly outraging others?
Was his mission just ‘all in the mind’—of a theorist living in fantasy?
Are musicians so easily hoaxed? And did not the ordinary sensitive listener know all along what was wrong?

The Riddle of Schoenberg takes the form of an open letter to an Arts Council Chairman. Readers may also be interested in Armstrong’s later essay, The Missing Music Mystery, which takes a similar form and is also available from Fand.

Author Title
Barry ArmstrongThe Riddle of Schoenberg
An Open Letter
ISBN 0-9535125-0-9

Catalogue code: FM088Published: 2007
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