for voice and piano

Peter Thompson


…beautifully sculptured […] imaginative and beautiful setting … distinctive and eminently worth the attention of genuine music-lovers and aspiring concert singers.
Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion (July–August 2012 p52)

For information about Richard Burns, author of the text of this piece, see his Web site.

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Composer Title Vocal range Forces Duration
Peter Thompson
Words: Richard Burns
for voice and piano
A to F'Voice, Piano2½ mins
Recorded performance

Cara Thompson, Soprano, Uno Hu, Piano
From a performance on Monday, 11th May 2015


This video presents the above recording of Dawn with some complementary imagery, and includes the full text of the song in the form of subtitles. The performance was given by Cara Thompson, niece of the composer.

Catalogue code: FM116Published: 2003
Entry last updated: 1st February 2016