Three Lieder on Poems by Hafez

for soprano and piano

M. S. Sharifian


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Singers who may initially baulk at singing in Parsi should be reassured that a full pronunciation guide is included, and the music itself is impressive.
Musical Opinion
…this set of songs is of such quality as to make me wish to see and hear other music by this gifted composer.
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  Composer Title Vocal range Forces Total duration
M. S. SharifianThree Lieder on Poems by Hafez
for soprano and piano
,B♭ to ASoprano, Piano
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1M. S. Sharifian
Words: Hafez
Translated by G. H. Wilberforce Clarke
   I: Sufi goli becheeno moraghae bekhār bakhshSoprano, Piano5 mins
2  II: To hamcho sobheeyo man shameh khalvate saharam3½ mins
3 III: Saman buyān ghobāre gham cho benshinand, benshānand
Recorded performance

Florence Lippett, Soprano, Farman Behbud, Piano
From a concert in Tehran, c. 1999; recording courtesy of the composer

Catalogue code: FM127Published: 2004
Entry last updated: 28th September 2011