Symphony no 1

for orchestra

Peter Thompson

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A most musical and impressive piece.
Musical Opinion
…a particularly well-written work, scored with notable character and mastery of [the] forces.
Musical Opinion

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  Composer Title Forces
Peter ThompsonSymphony no 1
for orchestra
# Composer Movement Forces
1Peter Thompson   I: Allegro moderato e amabile – Più lento e tranquillo – Molto moderato – Allegro vivace e feroce – Più mosso ma tranquillo – Più lentoOrchestra
2  II: Largo e molto sostenuto
3 III: Scherzo furioso – Più lento – Scherzo furioso – Prestissimo – Allargando
4  IV: Lento – Allegro – Allargando

Catalogue code: FM131Published: 2004
Entry last updated: 20th March 2011