The Fand Left-Hand Piano Album

Contemporary Pieces for the Left Hand alone

Various composers


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…an attractive collection of short pieces … Beautifully set and painstakingly edited…
Philip Mead, International Piano (3 May 2005)
These highly individual pieces serve up a tasty treat of originality for the left hand
Alec Boulton, Music Teacher (August 2005)

Published in Autumn 2004, this is a collection of ten compositions for piano in an album specifically devoted to the left hand.

Nine composers rose to the brief and produced ten completely individual original pieces of differing levels of difficulty, ranging from the radiant simplicity of Roger Eno’s art to a virtuosic number from Francis Pott, who jokingly suggests that a player might give his right arm to be able to play it! A further novelty within a typically novel Fand production is a transcription for left hand by Ronald Stevenson of his daughter Savourna Stevenson’s Lament for a Blind Harper.

All nine composers were thoroughly stimulated by the new discipline of writing for the left hand—many of them considering it like writing for “a completely different instrument” compared with the two-handed approach. The publisher feels that players will be equally stimulated; and, of course, two-handed players can always cheat in the end, if any piece does prove too taxing for the left hand alone!

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  Composer Title Forces
VariousThe Fand Left-Hand Piano Album
Contemporary Pieces for the Left Hand alone
Piano (left hand)
# Composers Work Forces
1John MitchellClodhopper!
Piano (left hand)
2Martin ReadAn Imaginary Journey
3Frank BayfordTheydon Bois
a Prelude and Epilogue
4Savourna StevensonLament for a Blind Harper
(transcribed by Ronald Stevenson)
5Roger EnoLinks
6Andrew NewtonRiver Fowey Lullaby
7Gary HigginsonThe Forgotten Temple
8Dance of the Intervals
9Peter ThompsonWaltz
10Francis PottIs Art a Sin?

Catalogue code: FM132Published: 2004
Entry last updated: 22nd July 2010