FM093 Carey Blyton
Collected Short Stories

and Summer in the Country (Autobiography)

ISBN 0-9535125-4-1
FM089 Carey Blyton
Composer Interviews no 1

Carey Blyton, interviewed by Peter Thompson

ISBN 0-9535125-2-5 (second edition)
FM155 John Barton Armstrong
Composer Interviews no 2

John Barton Armstrong, interviewed by Peter Thompson

ISBN 0-9535125-6-8
FM205 Frank Bayford
Dispensing Notes

Stepping-Stones towards an Autobiography (with illustrations by the author)

ISBN 978-0-9535125-9-1
FM187 Julian Farmer

ISBN 978-0-9535125-8-4
FM091 Dermot O’Byrne

Love Letters and Poems of Arnold Bax

ISBN 0-9535125-3-3
FM114 Barry Armstrong
The Missing Music Mystery

An unusual and provocative enquiry into the present state of British Music

ISBN 0-9535125-5-X
FM088 Barry Armstrong
The Riddle of Schoenberg

An Open Letter

ISBN 0-9535125-0-9
FM188 P. F. Owen
The Year


ISBN 978-0-9535125-7-7