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for ’Cello and Piano

Francis Pott

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…major addition to the cello-sonata repertoire.
Full of original thought and emotive music of considerable power
British Music Society News (1998)

An earlier version of the Sonata for ’Cello and Piano was recorded by David Watkin (’cello) and Howard Moody (piano) on the Guild CD, Farewell to Hirta: Cello & Piano Music by Francis Pott [GMCD 7141].

The version of the Sonata in preparation for Fand is the definitive, revised version, which is significantly shorter than the original. A recording of the new version is also planned.

  Composer Title Forces Total duration
Francis PottSonata
for ’Cello and Piano
’Cello, Piano45 mins
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1Francis Pott   I: Poco lento – Moderato con moto’Cello, Piano
2  II: Scherzo: Allegro – Molto meno mosso – Tempo I – Meno mosso – Tempo I, agitato
3 III: Cadenza: Liberamente
4  IV: Adagio di molto – Adagietto – Allegro molto agitato – Larghissimo, tragicamente – Epilogo: Adagio – Allegro

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