for ’Cello and Piano

Peter Thompson


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Really rather a terrific piece…
Warren Mailley-Smith (pianist)
Thompson’s three-movement Sonatina is lyrically captivating.
Jan Smaczny, BBC Music Magazine (October 2014 p111)

The Sonatina for ’Cello and Piano has been recorded commercially by Lionel Handy and Nigel Clayton on the CD From Bohemia to Wessex (available from Fand). You can listen to the entire recording of this work, in full, on YouTube, as shown below.

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  Composer Title Forces Total duration
Peter ThompsonSonatina
for ’Cello and Piano
’Cello, Piano10 mins
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1Peter Thompson   I: Allegretto flessibile’Cello, Piano3½ mins
2  II: Andante sostenuto4¼ mins
3 III: Allegro feroce2 mins
Recorded performance

Lionel Handy, cello, Nigel Clayton, piano
from the CD From Bohemia to Wessex: Cello Music from the Twentieth Century.


1st movement:

2nd movement:

3rd movement:

Above are the three separate movements of the Cello Sonatina for ease of playing individually.

Catalogue code: FM094Published: 2001
Entry last updated: 4th May 2014