Four Swinburne Pictures

for voice and piano

Peter Thompson


…vocal lines are relatively straightforward but underpinned by a varied and at times quite virtuosic piano part
The Singer

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  Composer Title Vocal range Forces Total duration
Peter ThompsonFour Swinburne Pictures
for voice and piano
C to G'Voice, Piano6¾ mins
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1Peter Thompson
Words: A. C. Swinburne
   I: Lines from ‘A Ballad of Life’Voice, Piano1¾ mins
2  II: Lines from ‘A Match’1¼ mins
3 III: Lines from ‘April’2¼ mins
4  IV: Lines from ‘Madonna Mia’1½ mins
Recorded performance

Lorna Windsor, Soprano, Nancy Coolley, Piano

Catalogue code: FM108
Entry last updated: 29th May 2011