Pinecroft Suite

for piano

John Barton Armstrong


…well worth investigating for a flavour of this little-known but attractive composer.
Music Teacher (March 2013 p75)

The score of Pinecroft Suite was found amongst John Barton Armstrong’s papers after his death in 2010. It is an affectionate tribute to a family he used to visit regularly at a house called Pinecroft in East Horsley, and, as the youngest member, Hugh, was just a baby at the time (see Hugh’s Twinkle), the score can be dated at around 1964. Each piece is a miniature musical sketch: one for each family member.

The six pieces vary in difficulty (number 4, Barnes’ Invention, being significantly more difficult than the others), but overall should suit a pianist of around Grade 6 standard.

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  Composer Title Grade Forces Total duration
John Barton ArmstrongPinecroft Suite
for piano
6Piano7 mins
# Composer Movement Forces Duration
1John Barton ArmstrongIntermezzo JenniferPiano1¾ mins
2Richard’s Cakewalk1¾ mins
3Caprice Martin1¼ mins
4Barnes’ Invention¾ min
5Andrew’s Lullaby1¾ mins
6Hugh’s Twinkle(Fleeting!)

Catalogue code: FM179Published: 10th January 2013
Entry last updated: 10th January 2013