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March 2014: Bax: The Happy Forest now available

As promised in last month’s preview, The Happy Forest by Sir Arnold Bax is now available.

FM185 Sir Arnold Bax
The Happy Forest

for piano

This exciting new release is the very first edition of the original piano version of a work that has hitherto been known only in its later orchestral incarnation. Originally composed as a piano solo, it has spent the last hundred years unknown to the public. It was completed on 13th May 1914, and Graham Parlett has now finished this first edition, which is being released in time for the work’s centenary.

February 2014: New Thompson • A Bax Preview

Bax: The Happy Forest

Fand is happy to announce the publication of the latest two new works by Peter Thompson.

FM183 Peter Thompson
Calydon Eclogue

for violin solo
FM184 Peter Thompson
Three Pieces

for Piano

Calydon Eclogue is a short, classically poetic study for unaccompanied violin on “Arcadian Atalanta, snowy-souled,” as featured in Swinburne’s tragedy, Atalanta in Calydon. Three Pieces is a triptych of slow, reflective and not difficult poems for piano.

Bax: The Happy Forest (preview)

At the same time, Fand is also extremely happy to be able announce the imminent release of the very first edition of Sir Arnold Bax’s original piano version of The Happy Forest.

Although it is well-known as an orchestral work by Bax, The Happy Forest was originally composed as a piano solo. It was written for Herbert Farjeon, whose prose poem of the same name had inspired the piece. Bax decided to orchestrate it some time later, and the orchestral version became established, but the original piano piece remained unpublished until now.

Composition was completed on 13th May 1914, and Graham Parlett is currently putting the final touches to his first edition, which will be published in time for the work’s centenary.

FM185 Sir Arnold Bax
The Happy Forest

for piano

October 2013: Bax Nympholept and more CDs

Bax: Nympholept

Fand’s latest issue is another important and exciting one: the first edition of Sir Arnold Bax’s Nympholept, a poem for piano.

The title Nympholept refers to a person who suffers from nympholepsy, a state of rapture inspired by nymphs; the music is based on a poem of the same name by Swinburne about panic induced by noonday silence in the woods.

Bax himself also wrote a poem of the same title a few months before composing the piano piece, and he later orchestrated the music. Neither the original piano piece nor the orchestral version was performed in his lifetime, however.

As may be expected from its title and subject matter, the piece is a typically rhapsodic Baxian offering, and is a work of some considerable substance, lasting for over 10 minutes and making considerable technical demands of the pianist.

FM182 Sir Arnold Bax


for piano

Lionel Handy CDs

Though the following two CDs of cello works by Kodály and Carter/Messiaen/Martinů/Cutler are not Fand publications, we are delighted to stock and promote them to a wider audience. They join cellist Lionel Handy’s most recent CD, BAX: Works for Cello and Piano, which was originally launched through Fand. These three CDs represent Lionel Handy’s complete recordings to date.

CACD0906 Various

Lionel Handy, cello & Nigel Clayton, piano
CACD0810 Zoltán Kodály
KODÁLY: Cello Sonata op 8

Lionel Handy, cello, Thelma Handy, violin & Nigel Clayton, piano

plus Sonata op 4; Duo op 7
SLV1007 Sir Arnold Bax
BAX: Works for Cello and Piano

Lionel Handy, cello & Nigel Clayton, piano

Watch this space for a new CD from Lionel Handy and Nigel Clayton, featuring Martinů’s Cello Sonata no 2, John Barton Armstrong’s Cello Sonata and Peter Thompson’s Cello Sonatina

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