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This page keeps a detailed record of changes made to this Web site. Although anyone is welcome to read it, it’s intended primarily for Fand’s own private use. If you have ended up on this page by accident, you can switch back to the public news page by clicking the Latest News button.

4th July 2017, 7:25:03 pm
Dispensing Suites
Added Peter Thompson’s Suite no 10 for Piano and Frank Bayford’s autobiography, Dispensing Notes, to the catalogue and wrote an announcement about them.
4th March 2017, 4:17:24 pm
Final Pott tweaks
Francis Pott was happy, as it turned out, to remain listed as a Fand composer, even though his only remaining pieces are, at present, two short pieces in two piano anthologies. Therefore I have unhidden his personal composer page. I have also made a minor amendment to this page to remove the link to his Toccata for Piano from the body text, and to remove “(published by Fand)” after the reference. I have also made some further small adjustments to the appearance of the new ‘Hidden Items’ page so that (a) it now refers to the possibility of pending (rather than removed) publications, and (b) if there are no hidden people (as is now the case again), no references at all to hidden personnel appear on the Hidden Items page, and it behaves as though it relates only to publications not in the catalogue.
1st March 2017, 8:30:31 pm
Hidden from site
The site has been overhauled in an extensive but largely invisible way to add some new functionality: namely, the ability to delete (or, at least, hide) items from the catalogue. This was never originally envisaged for the site because it is Fand’s policy never to delete anything. However, we did not consider the possibility of particular individuals needing to remove their products, and perhaps themselves, too, from the Fand catalogue. Very sadly, this need has now arisen in relation to Francis Pott, and there was no straightforward way to remove his works from our listings (short of tediously unpicking the database by hand: a most undesirable and potentially error-prone process). A better answer was to retain all the details exactly as they were before, but simply to add a new facility to mark items as not just unavailable but actually hidden – so that they no longer appear in listings. This is what I have now done. The consequences are as follows:
  • Individual people (composers/arrangers and book authors) can be hidden from the listings that appear on the Music > Composers and Books > Authors pages.
  • Individual publications (music, books, CDs; anything in the catalogue) can be hidden from the normal catalogue listings.
  • This has now been done for Francis Pott himself, and for the four items of his that were in the Fand catalogue: Farewell to Hirta, Sonata for Cello and Piano (which was actually still awaiting publication), Toccata for Organ and Toccata for Piano. The site will no longer list these items under normal circumstances.
  • This new feature means that we now have the useful facility to hide items that are currently listed in the catalogue but not actually available. In particular, for as long as this site has existed, two pieces by Peter Thompson have been listed but were never actually available, and just showed placeholder covers with question marks on them. These two items, There is a World Inside my Head and Weather Forecast, have now been hidden.
  • Another useful benefit is that it will be possible to add items to the site at any time in future, marking them as hidden initially, so that they can be unhidden and thus released in a quicker and smoother fashion or perhaps at a specific time. Visitors will see no difference, but it’ll make site maintenance slightly easier and more streamlined.
  • We will still never have to actually delete anything, which is good. Although the site will no longer volunteer hidden items, they will still be there, exactly as before, with the same URL as normal. Thus, any external links to a page that has been ‘deleted’ will continue to work, because the entry has merely been hidden from the site’s index, not removed. So, no links will break.
  • The one small difference with hidden items is that they know they are hidden and thus refrain from allowing themselves to be purchased. The PayPal buttons are withheld and the price information shown with a ‘please enquire’ email link. (Multiple prices that would appear on a menu are instead just printed in a list.)
  • Pages that have been hidden can still sometimes be accessed legitimately on the site. For example, Frances Pott has contributed one short piece to both The Fand Left-Hand Piano Album and The Fand Grade 5 Piano Album. In the contents table on both of these items’ product pages, clicking his name leads to his composer information page as usual, even though the normal means of accessing it (via Music > Composers) is hidden.
  • As a helpful but largely invisible option, it’s possible to List all hidden items on their own page.
  • Finally, since the ability to list hidden items is the second ‘Easter Egg’ on the site (the first being the ability to list all review comments on one page), I’ve decided to make these two hidden options more accessible, as they can occasionally be useful. Although they’re not intended for general use as part of the site’s main user interface, I’ve added a little control to this ‘Site Changes’ page: it appears at the top right of the page header and contains two links. It seems as good a place as any to have them: this ‘Site Changes’ page is in itself fairly hard to find, and is intended for ‘internal use only’; it’s unlikely that any site visitors will look at it. So it’s a good home for these two hidden features, which, respectively, show all items hidden from the Fand catalogue and list all review extracts together in one place.
17th January 2017, 10:24:10 pm
Recordings and reviews
Various minor updates to the site:
18th October 2016, 12:19:20 pm
Shoal of Fishes CD added
  • Finally added the new Carey Blyton CD to the catalogue ‘properly’, complete with samples.
  • Added a new Friends of Fand news item about forthcoming performances of Fand-published choral pieces in concerts and services in Cambridge and Huddersfield, given by the St Augustine’s Chamber Choir and The Huddersfield Singers.
25th September 2016, 3:14:23 pm
Shoal of Fishes CD announcement
  • Added a news item about the new Shoal of Fishes CD, complete with PayPal button to allow people to buy it. This news item is in lieu of a full catalogue entry for the CD, which will follow as soon as I have time to enter up all its details.
21st August 2016, 2:43:17 pm
Minor update
  • Added news of Philip Mead’s next free recital on 10th September to Friends of Fand.
  • Fixed the CSS to correct a minor mistake in which the left-hand (main) column of news on the News pages had too wide a right-hand margin.
  • Added a couple of review comments about the Eclipse CD.
7th July 2016, 4:04:04 pm
Updates and fixes

Quite an extensive update this time, with both catalogue additions and site improvements:

  • Added J. Alex Whyte as a Fand composer.
  • Added his For Unbelievers (piano version) and For Unbelievers (orchestral version), to the catalogue – as edited/arranged by Julian Cole.
  • Added myself as a Fand composer!
  • Added my own The Yorkshire Shepherds and Suo Gân to the catalogue.
  • Added my new video to the Hampshire Summers product page.
  • Wrote a Friends of Fand news item about the Hampshire Summers video.
  • Wrote a main news item about the new catalogue additions. It seems very curious that I should share a news item with my old university friend Julian Cole, but it really is purely coincidental.
  • Found and corrected a quite long-standing bug (shock, horror!), introduced back in 2012 when I added the capability for the site to have concerts as items in its catalogue: the All>Titles listing was erroneously including concerts in the table of publications. Although this didn’t break anything (they just appeared as pieces with undefined covers, and the entries led to their concert pages as expected), they clearly shouldn’t have been present.
  • Found and corrected another very minor bug: a small spacing error relating to the appearance of sample page images on product pages.
  • Corrected a couple of typos and added a timing for Soliloquy.
  • New feature: Composer/author pages can now include a new table of works. Previously such pages listed Composer (for music), Author (for books) and Arranger tables. Now I’ve also added a new type: Editor. So, if one of our composers acts as the editor of something, it’ll now also appear on their personal listing. This means, for example, that Maureen McAllister appears as editor of Peter Thompson’s Epithalamiums I and III as well as arranger of number II; Peter Thompson appears as editor of Carey Blyton’s Collected Short Stories; and my own new page includes my Bax (and other) editions.
26th March 2016, 8:55:10 pm
Philip Mead, seasons and dates
  • Added Philip Mead as a Fand composer.
  • Added his new Christmas carol, Christmas Bells, to the site. It seems slightly odd to add a Christmas carol at Easter, but never mind!
  • Realising that Fand publishes several Christmas items but offers no way of listing them all in one place, added a Music for Christmas listing, under Music/Instruments/Other. Admittedly, this is a strange place to find it, but there’s nowhere more appropriate at present, and there was already an Education category here.
  • Finally, for the benefit of the News pages, extended the capabilities of the ‘friendly date’ routine. Hitherto, this has allowed me to give news stories nice dates that cater not just for all the months (and optionally days) of the year but also the seasons (i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). These four seasons have now been extended with two new ones: Easter and Christmas. More importantly, though, I’ve made the ability to use these seasonal headings a whole lot more flexible. They were originally intended just for use with legacy news items inherited from the old site (which had quarterly updates at best). Because they’re encoded with a date that uses month 0 (i.e. YYYY-00-01 for Spring to -04 for Winter), the seasons always appeared before the months for any given year. Pretty unhelpful. I’ve now extended the syntax so that, as well as supporting numbers -05 and -06 (for Easter and Christmas), you can also use a legitimate month number and thus interleave seasons and months freely at last. I can’t imagine why I didn’t do this sooner, and wish I had! To avoid conflicts with legitimate dates when using ‘real’ months, the seasons use numbers in the 40s: i.e. ‘dates’ 41 to 46 for equivalent seasons to month-0 dates 1 to 6 (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Easter, Christmas). So, for example, YYYY-03-45 is Easter of year YYYY, and will be positioned between entries for March and April.
7th March 2016, 12:27:12 pm
The Keys of Heaven
    With thanks to Dan Leighton, Philip Mead and St Augustine’s Chamber Choir, added a video of the first performance of Peter Thompson’s The Keys of Heaven to the product page, Friends of Fand and the Fand YouTube channel.